Construction Mangagement

By utilizing the Construction Management At-Risk (CMc) project delivery method the owner is able to maximize potential savings created from an integrated design and delivery process. It is an integrated team approach to building design and construction that considers these key objectives throughout the life-cycle of a building:

  • Accessibility
  • Functional/Operational
  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Productive
  • Sustainability
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Security

Including Eby as a part of your integrated team at the earliest stages of the project allows for preconstruction services to begin early in the project providing better information to base critical decisions upon during design phases. Making informed decisions at these early phases of the project proves to be the most cost effective.

Selecting Eby as your construction partner brings over seventy years of knowledge and experience to your project.  We provide value to the construction process in three distinct elements:

  • Preconstruction Services - An effective preconstruction process keeps the project focused and on purpose. Our Preconstruction Services include scope and budget management, estimating, scheduling, value analysis, constructability review, procurement and bid packaging. These combined with our other services are valuable in assisting the team to develop a plan, and an approach to achieving that plan within the agreed upon guidelines and expectations for cost, schedule, and final project outcome.
  • Construction Services - Through our experience on similar projects, Eby has developed a systematic process of project delivery, which facilitates clear and timely communication between all stakeholders.  The maximum benefits of an integrated team approach are dependent upon the ability of the entire team to do four things: meet regularly, make informed decisions, communicate those decisions to affected parties, and implement the decisions in a timely manner. By utilizing the CMc project delivery system the integrated team works together to achieve the established goals of the project.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract - The establishment of the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is an important element of the CMc process.  The GMP can be set at any point during the design process to facilitate phased work, if required.  Eby’s computerized cost plus billing system provides the owner an itemized list of all expenses incorporated into the project, with backup copies of invoices if so desired.  Savings generated by bringing the project in under the GMP can be shared or returned to the Owner.

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