Design Build

Eby anticipates future needs in the dynamic construction environment.

By utilizing the Design-Build project delivery method the owner is able to contract with Eby to design and build their project. An owner can always rely on Eby for their quality construction, but design-build allows the owner to benefit from Eby’s knowledge of the entire construction process. Successful design-build projects are the result of thorough planning, exceptional organization, seamless teamwork, and a do whatever it takes attitude. It also requires a team with proven design-build experience and a clear understanding of the process. As leader of the team and single point of responsibility, Eby will assemble a team of architects, engineers, and other necessary consultants to deliver a project to successful completion.

Advantages of Design-Build with Eby Construction

  • Communications are streamlined and decisions are accelerated.
  • Early construction input during design increases the project’s quality, constructability and decreases overall delivery time.
  • Collaboration of designer and builder improves innovative design solutions and overall quality.
  • Opportunities for value engineering are enhanced by integration of the design and construction process.
  • Potential for change-orders is reduced since one entity is responsible for the entire project.
  • Early cost commitment is favorable to the owner as risk is reduced since a minor portion of the capital is invested up front.
  • Adversarial relationships are minimized by putting together an integrated team of professionals working towards a common set of goals.

The design-build team will be responsible for design issues such as: Meeting budget commitments, planning and zoning issues, regulatory and code compliance, construction cost estimates, and construction documents. The team is also responsible for construction issues such as guaranteeing actual construction cost, obtaining permits, maintaining schedule, shop drawings, subcontractor work, site safety, and quality control.

With over 75 years of construction experience Eby has the experience you can depend on to deliver a successful project.

For more information on how we might be of service to your organization, please contact us!