Each day we strive for our very best. We are proud to be a part of the following recognized projects and events.

2018 WBJ HR Professionals Award Winners
06/11/2018 - Wichita Business Journal

Our Vice President of Human Resources, Karman Diehl, was recognized by Wichita Business Journal as a 2018 HR Professionals Award Winner!


New Envision Workforce Center Aims to Bridge BVI/Tech Sector Divide
06/08/2018 - Wichita Business Journal

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Envision's Workforce Innovation Center was yesterday!

The center is focused on training those who are blind or visually impaired, providing them with skills to make them more successful in the tech workforce. They'll also assist with job placement.


Grizzly Bears Set for Move to New Habitat at Great Bend Zoo
04/30/2018 - KWCH 12

After five months of construction and years of planning, the four grizzly bears at Great Bend's Brit Spaugh Zoo will soon have a chance to play in their new habitat, more than three times bigger than the space they currently occupy.