The foundation of Eby’s safety program is a moral commitment to protecting the lives and safety of our employees, customers and the public. The Company is also committed to lowering the cost of our construction for the benefit of our clients through an effective safety program.

Current Eby employees are less likely to sustain a job-related injury than those working for other construction contractors. Eby’s Incident Rate is significantly lower than the national average published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Eby safety program is based on:

  • Strong work site management techniques
  • Challenging goal setting procedures
  • Focused training plans
  • Clear measurement processes
  • Greater accountability levels
  • Rewards for success

One of the most effective safety control measures is regular, organized site inspection to detect unsafe conditions and practices. Eby complies with OSHA’s construction standards, and all equipment furnished to projects has been purchased to meet OSHA standards.

Overall, the Eby safety program is an example of the Company’s long-term commitment to its employees, its clients, and to the construction industry in general. Our focus is to constantly improve the construction environment as we continue to provide construction services with efficient and effective teams.