Envision Child Development Center

Envision Child Development Center

Location: Wichita, Kansas Owner: Envision Architect: Spangenberg Phillips Architecture Construction: Eby Construction

Envision’s Child Development Center serves children that are visually impaired, children whose parents are visually impaired, as well as the general public. The center was built on the first floor of the Envision Building that houses their corporate offices as well as clinic space. The space had been cleared of existing finishes in a previous phase of the building renovation and was ready to renovate.

Project Details
  • The 7,000-square-foot center is divided into four age-appropriate play areas: a nursery, a “gym” for play and physical therapy activities, an art center, a computer classroom, a kitchen, offices and meeting spaces.
  • Restrooms were renovated to provide child-sized fixtures, and additional restrooms were built for the staff.
  • The finishes are bright and colorful.
  • The existing courtyard was demolished, and a new playground with a new rubber surface was installed.