Kyodo Yushi

Kyodo Yushi

Location: Maize, Kansas Owner: Kyodo Yushi USA and Lubrication Engineers Inc. Architect: Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture Construction: Eby Construction

Kyodo Yushi is a Japanese grease manufacturer whose products are widely used in the automotive industry.  When they decided to open their first manufacturing facility in the United States, they approached Wichita based Lubrication Engineers as a joint venture partner.  The new conglomerate was named Kyodo Yushi Manufacturing Americas (KYMA).

Eby was selected to provide CM at Risk services for this project. The facility is comprised of a 55,000 SF of manufacturing area which includes warehouse space for raw materials and finished goods in addition to the processing space.  The 11,000 SF of administrative space includes offices, a break room, meeting rooms and laboratories.  The site work included a new rail spur, bulk oil tank farm, holding basins, utilities, parking and a perimeter road.

Due to the fire rating requirements, this 66,000 SF facility uses a predominantly precast concrete structure, with precast walls, columns, beams and roof deck.  Only the office portion of the building was designed with a steel structure.

To meet client deadlines, this project required an aggressive 13-month schedule.  This project was completed on time and within the owner’s budget.

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