Newton Recreation Center
Sports Facilities

Newton Recreation Center

Location: Newton, Kansas Owner: City of Newton, KS Architect: Spangenberg Phillips Tice Construction: Eby Construction

The Newton Recreation Center Renovation was a major renovation and upgrade to the recreation center offices, reception desk, corridors and restrooms.

Project Details
  • Electrical panels were updated, and switches were replaced along with new lights throughout the corridors, gym, pool and racquetball courts. 
  • The pool and deck were resurfaced along with an upgrade of the pool mechanical system and new locker rooms. 
  • Concrete settling in the gym and racquetball courts was repaired, and new sports flooring was installed. 
  • New curtain dividers were added in the gym area, and the existing locker rooms were gutted and remodeled with new lockers, individual mincey marble showers and tile flooring. 
  • Classrooms were remodeled along with the second-floor exercise room to serve as a multipurpose room. 
  • An ADA handicap ramp was added to the south entrance, and the stairs to the wellness center were replaced.