Sedgwick County Zoo Entrance

Sedgwick County Zoo Entrance

Location: Wichita, KS Owner: Sedgwick County Architect: GLMV Architecture

Eby Construction started building Sedgwick County Zoo’s new entrance in the Fall of 2020, in partnership with GLMV Architecture. The new complex will include a gift shop, ticket booth and administrative offices, and will replace the existing 40-year-old entrance. A temporary entrance was put in place to be used throughout the construction process, and attendees are currently entering the zoo through an opening in the children’s farm area until completion.

There will be two separate buildings, one for a gift shop and another for ticket sales, memberships and second-floor office space. The new building for tickets, membership and administration will also house security, first aid and a board room for meetings. This area will replace the current administrative building off Zoo Boulevard that was once used for storage before the zoo opened. The new gift shop, where guests will exit the zoo, will have a kennel space where guests can leave their dogs during their visit.

To alleviate wait times, the new entryway will have a two-part ticketing system. Guests who have a membership card or a ticket on their phone can head straight to the admission gate, while guests who need to purchase tickets can line up at the booth adjacent to the main entrance.

Construction of the new entry complex is expected to be completed in May 2021, which is also the 50th anniversary of the zoo.