Adam Dunn

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer "I enjoy working at Eby because of the people. The people are what make Eby."
Meet The Professional
  • Industry Experience: 28 Years
  • Education: Fort Hays State, Undergraduate, Wichita State University, Masters of Business Administration
  • Certifications: CCIFP, CRIS, MLIS, CCP
  • Associations:
    • Construction Financial Management Association Chapter of Greater Wichita
    • United Way
    • Kansas School for Effective Learning (KANSEL)
    • Quivira Council Boys Scouts of America
  • Favorite Industry Technology: Vista on VEC
Meet The Person Spare Time:

“In my spare time, I enjoy working on my pond, working with Scouts and youth, and being in the outdoors camping, hunting, fishing and hiking.”

Fun Fact:

“I am what is called a mirror twin. I am right-handed, and my brother is left-handed.”


“I am married to Tracy Edingfield, who is a writer and has self-published 10 books. My oldest son, Derek, is studying at Kansas University (KU) with the ultimate goal of working at the United Nations after he gets his post-graduate degree. My youngest son, Dylan, is a junior in high school. Derek earned his Eagle Scout award two years ago, and Dylan is about six months away from earning his Eagle Scout award.”


“I am passionate about helping the young men and women of our community in the Scouting program. In addition to Scouting, I help support three other nonprofits on their Boards of Directors: KANSEL, United Way of the Plains and the Construction Financial Management Association Chapter of Greater Wichita.”