John Hutto

Superintendent "I like meeting all the people and families that work for (and with) Eby. Surrounding myself with diverse perspectives provides the ability to learn, adapt, manage, and help others."
Meet The Professional
  • FAVORITE INDUSTRY TOOL: “Vista and Projects have been helpful in keeping tasks, and projects organized, but still have more to learn!”
Meet The Person Spare Time:

“Outside of work I enjoy going to the gym, riding my motorcycle, long naps, and spending time with my family. We usually have some sort of home improvement project going on and we enjoy doing those together. This past Spring we finally completed a pergola on our back patio and have been able to enjoy some hot, summer evenings. Now we’re working on finishing our basement, so many DIY projects are in my near future.”

Fun Fact:

“People would be surprised to know that I drove a ’90 Fleetwood Cadillac to a residential framing jobsite for 2 years.”